Isle Of Skye




Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Scotland, waving regally to sheep on the Isle of Skye, and sleeping loch side at night? 

Yeah, me too.


Turns out, there is such a place where this dream can come true. It's called Lochside, and it's a comfy-cozy gem sprinkled with Scottish charm...and sheep, of course.

A brand-spankin' new addition to the Airbnb world, Lochside is the warm haven to welcome you home at the end of a day of exploring in the predictably wet Scottish weather. 


Managed by Skye Serviced Accommodations, you're gonna get the royal Scottish treatment that us Kings and Queens deserve. Lochside easily captures that "coming home" feeling, which is what we all crave in our vaca-home-away-from-home.



I don't know if it's possible to fall in love with a rug, but 

IF IT IS...then I choose this one. 

Picture this: your dog-tired feet hit the plush carpet the second you enter the main part of the house, 

and well, you may just stay there. 


It's the colorfully warm pre-welcome, to the surprise welcome bottle of wine that awaits you in the fully stocked kitchen. 

(I might've ruined the surprise, but it's still wine.)

If you want to home-cook up some grub, or just reheat your Skye Pie...either way, this delightfully functional cookery is there. 

Let's take a moment to appreciate the living room and the FLANNEL COUCHES. It's the upholstery choice you never really thought of but realize you should have. 

Don't worry, wanting to wear couch cushions as a fashionable shirt is a normal feeling when they look like this. 

It's just. so. stylish.

...Coming up next: "when tubs have views."


If you see this and don't immediately think to yourself, 

"I should've brought bubble bath"

...then are we even friends?

Snug beds, crispy clean windows with loch views, and overall slumber inducing conditions will tuck you in for a solid night's sleep in one of the two bedrooms.



Yeah, this is not a painting.

Neither is this.


It's no secret that every room in Lochside has views of the loch. 

Sheep smile at you from the front yard. 

Birds chirp as the fog rolls it's blankety self over the mountains behind the house. 

You're wonderfully secluded, yet mere minutes from the main road, waterfalls, and trails. 


If you can tear yourself away from home...

E X P L O R E   your surroundings.

Just drivin' around gifts you postcard worthy Scotland scenes. 


Make a call if you need to.


wave to the Highland cattle.

Be one with  N A T U R E.

The iconic Old Man of Storr is a fantastically doable hike for ultimate reward. And, only 15 minutes from Lochside to boot.

C A S T L E  it up.

Channel your inner prince + princess and romp around the Duntulm Castle ruins, only a 25 min drive from Lochside.

L O A D  up on a cuppa: coffee or tea.

There are few things better than a cozy coffee shop after traipsing around in the Scottish weather.  The Single Track Art Gallery & Espresso Bar is an actual haven. Make sure to get one of the cakes, because DELISH.

E A T  local.

Skye Pie Cafe is just round the bend, and open for lunch hours for hearty and sweet pies. You can't not get one.

The Harbour Fish + Chips Shop is a classic food stop, in Portree. The fish is fresh as it comes, and comes with a harbor view for your dining enjoyment.

**There are no seats inside the shop, so get ready to battle the sneaky seagulls outside while you munch on your hot fried fish!


H E A D  to the city.


Portree is the main hub for Isle of Skye, (about 30 min from Lochside) where you can peruse shops, hang in the harbor, and get your fish + chips fix. There's a grocery store too...because, provisions. 

M I N G L E  with the locals.

There are sheep EVERYWHERE in Scotland. They're your neighbors, they decorate the countryside and sometimes the middle of the road, and will likely become your fast friends.


- When you check in, there's a tablet to actually "check you in" and provide you answers to any questions you might have about the house (i.e. how to work the oven, etc.) It's wonderfully informative, a trove of details about things to do in the area as well, and even complete with short videos, if needed! So, use it!

- If you pop across the way to Mealt Falls + Kilt Rock, go either early or late in the day as it's a pretty touristy spot! Samesies with hiking Old Man of Storr.

- If you get Fish + Chips (and you should), be extremely aware of the ginormous seagulls...they WILL snatch your lunch.

- Rental cars:

*If possible, reserve a Diesel car. You'll save money on gas as they get a looooot more mileage, and have to stop less to fill up.

*Driving is on the left side of the road. Be careful, and if you can, it's easier to rent a smaller sized vehicle and manage navigating the "other side" of the roads that way for the first time.


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