Carmel, California


TIMESTAMP: March 2017


They had me at "c o p i o u s breakfast" & sealed the deal with the olde timey suitcase tower that greeted me upon arrival like a warm hug. 


The Vagabond's House Inn is a cocktail.  1 part vintage + 1 part modern = you'll never want to leave.

Seriously though, the ridiculously inviting courtyard will lure you in, and keep you with the promise of wine + snacks between 4-6pm. It's a courtyard happy hour dotted with floral delights, toasted by a central fire pit, and just try not to relax with the soundtrack of the adorable waterfall. JUST. TRY.

This impeccably quaint little hideaway is perched on a street corner  of straight-out-of-a-movie beautiful  Carmel-by-the-Sea,  C a l i f o r n i a. 

Historically, the property was actually apartments that housed the famous author Don Blanding as he penned his novels, and his succesful poem, The Vagabond's House. The converted Bed & Breakfast was named after the poem in 1946, naturally. 

Eco-friendly and pet friendly this is in fact, a superb sleep. They very well may have thought of everything.

Olde timey, comforts of modern excellence, AND a writer's haven?



There are no shortage of details, and you'll feel as if each one was thought with you in mind. (At least I did.) I entered my room via a dutch door...swoon. I was pretty much hook, line & sinker at this point. But what came next? Weak. Knees.


The sun poured in, drenching the room with it's golden happiness. In one glorious moment, the desk over looking the courtyard immediately became my new favorite writing spot, the rustic barn door beckoned me to the bathroom, revealing heated marble floors and the bathtub of my dreams, and the fire place? Well, it promised a reunion later, wine in hand.  

But back to the details.


This was the room of clocks, each one set to 5:00, because it's 5:00 somewhere, of course. (All except the one clock that previous guests usually change as a joke.) Why didn't I think of that?

The literary touches abound in Room 11. 

The writing's on the wall...literally.

And the award for best bathroom reading material goes to...

Literary brilliance peppers the walls of the WC, and that- that's comforting. Top bathroom reading material = priorities. 

F u  N    f A  c  T: The books sprinkling the restroom walls are from the owner's

elementary school studies. Ahhhhmazing.


Let's be real, the true treasure here is the pampered powder room.


Confessions from a lavish lavatory: I would've gladly slept in the tub.

Vagabond's House Inn kept their promise of copious morning eats. Fill out your preferences the night before and it's delivered to your door at your selected time the following morning. Can I arrange for this service at home?


Fresh as fresh can get. Everything was locally sourced and organic, and most importantly- the coffee was on point. 
Bfast highlights? 

*Homemade jam. 

*Cage free organic eggs from Bob at the local farmer's market. Thanks, Bob. 

*Honey from the neighborhood bees, which is collected and packaged by an ambitious high school student in the area, with his own CarmelHoneyCompany!

*All of this is done without single use plastics to boot! 



I mentioned the courtyard, and it's worth mentioning about 23987410938413 more times. 

Photo collab with  Josh Williams

Photo collab with Josh Williams

That writing desk? Just so happens it's perfectly positioned to watch the sun tuck itself in as the charming string lights illuminate the cozy courtyard against the backdrop of Californian cotton candy skies.

Happy hour, because priorities. As mentioned the happy hour is a 'can't miss.' Guests gather in the lobby and courtyard, nibbling on cheeses and hummus, sipping on local wines while the fire burns and everyone

r e l a x e s.

Photo by:  Josh Williams  Edits by: Lauren Breedlove

Photo by: Josh Williams Edits by: Lauren Breedlove

The courtyard beckons you to cuddle up with a good book, or to write one; either way. 


Tear yourself away from the courtyard and find yourself in coastal paradise. A drive in any direction on Highway 1 will reward you with jaw dropping views.

d r i v e   i t.

Cruise on the ever famous CA Highway 1, obviously. You'll collect enough coastal scenes to supply your daydreams for the year, I promise. 


n o s h   i t.

Once breakfast wears off there are some delicious & budget friendly options to stuff your face with, fueling up for all your adventures.

Here are some of my picks:

Island Taco  Legit tacos + a salsa bar.

Brophy's Tavern Go for atmosphere, beer, and grilled cheese. Oh, and the best tomato soup I've EVER HAD.
Tommy's Wok  Pot of tea, authentic food in large portions for cheap prices. 

Mid-day best bet? Stop at the grocery store and pack a picnic. There's loads of places to nosh with a view.

Fancy a sandwich here? Photo by:  Josh Williams  Edits by: Lauren Breedlove

Fancy a sandwich here? Photo by: Josh Williams Edits by: Lauren Breedlove

a p p r e c i a t e   i t.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is worth a stroll along the paths if not just to pick out potential mermaid dwellings.

Pretty sure a mermaid lives here.

Pretty sure a mermaid lives here.

Beaches abound, but the one that stole my heart was Garrapata.


Head to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park about an hour and fifteen minutes north of Carmel and meet the tallest tree in the park, standing at a strapping 277 ft!

Tree appreciation 101. Photo collab with  Josh Williams

Tree appreciation 101. Photo collab with Josh Williams

The redwoods are tall. Real tall. Let yourself be dwarfed by some.

s u n s e t   i t.

Every night the sundown show was not to be missed. The watercolor palette skies are bucket list worthy. And if you can view it from one of the iconic Monterey Pines? Well, even better.

Photo collab with  Josh Williams .

Photo collab with Josh Williams.


*There were some areas of Big Sur closed due to the storms and landslides that occurred in 2017. There is still PLENTY to do, but just give the site a quick check before heading out for the day to make sure the areas you'd like to explore are accessible. 

*If you have time, head up to the Santa Cruz Mountains and stretch the ole legs on the hiking trails. Afterwards, head to Pour, a champion watering hole where you can serve your own beer. (I'll be completely jealous of you as I didn't have time.) After all, you'll be mighty thirsty.

*There were renovations of large proportions just wrapping up during my stay at the end of March which means now is the time to stay at Vagabond's! Many of the rooms were transformed into versions of the room I experienced, each with their own individual, unique touches. Is it weird that I just want to stay in them all?

*Stop in the lobby for a chat with Thomas and Randal. They are the epitome of welcoming and a wealth of information!


Vagabond's House Inn

4th and Dolores, Carmel, California 

(831) 624-7738