Cappadocia, Turkey

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TIME STAMP: October 2015

SWEET SLEEPING @ The Serrin House

Sleeping in a cave like a boss. 

If slumbering in an actual cave during your stay in Cappadocia, Turkey isn't enough of an allure, well, it should be. 

With landscape that looks like something out of a movie starring you walking on the moon, Cappadocia has loads to offer. Hiking, exploring ancient underground cities, gazing with your jaw dropped to the ground, etc. If you're looking to have a once-in-a-lifetime-above-the-clouds-most-magical-amazing-time-slowing experiences of your life? Cappadocia can do that. 

This is the land of epic hot air ballooning.


Did I mention it's a cave hotel? Seriously though, with only five rooms caves, Serinn House is a cozy, intimate accommodation that feels like coming home; complete with a welcome treat.

Come for the view…

stay for the breakfast.

The owner Eren will quickly become your new best friend, and the level of hospitality will blow your mind. 

The attention to detail. 

The access to exploring Cappadocia. 

The house dog.

Yep, there's a dog. And HE'S ADORABLE, obviously.


I dubbed him Mr. F on account that his actual name started with F, of course, and he was skilled in catching flies.

Mr. F: fly catcher extraordinaire.

I stayed in one of the cave rooms skirting the impeccable courtyard where the afternoon sun had the privilege of warming. The cave room? It was exactly what I had hoped for. There was a little outdoor area just outside, and plenty of room inside. It was the perfect marriage of preserved, authentic ancient times and a modern feel with amenities to match. Oh, and each one has it's own unique design.

I have to say though, I just fell in love with the courtyard. Other guests gathered here for an afternoon tea, sharing stories of adventures. Mr. F lounged lazily in the sun. The owner happily assisted guests with tailoring their trips to specific interests.


The Serinn House is perched upon a hill overlooking the gorgeous landscape of Cappadocia. The sunset? SUPERBLY IMPRESSIVE.


So grab a glass of wine and drink it all in. On both accounts.

Not to mention the wildly on point views from various other spots around Cappadocia...


S U N R I S E, S U N S E T.

Watch them in the same day. Cappadocia boasts some of the most fantastic sun shows in the world. Take advantage.


A D V E N T U R E.

*Hike Red Rose Valley. Just do it, seriously. 

*Hot Air Ballooning...if you're going to go in a hot air balloon, you'll be hard pressed to find a better place. ONCE IN A LIFETIME PEOPLE.


E X P L O R E.

*Rent a car. Driving around is an Explorer's adventure on it's own. Make your way to the fairy chimneys. Stop at an antique store. Pull over and take in the views. Wander through the small towns like Cavusin. Maybe even climb through some tunnels in an underground city? All possible.


E A T.


You have to eat here.

Ziggy's isn't just an authentic dining experience, but also a shop on street level with a beautiful selection of original hand crafted items.

For the most authentic experience, do the tasting menu. About a million or so dishes come out with delicious choice after delicious choice. DELICIOUS. There's something for everyone, literally.

Dessert is not forgotten...little tiny baby cinnamon sugar churros that were as tasty as they were adorable.

And ambiance? Look 'ambiance' up in the dictionary, I swear there will be a photo of this place. The inside is super cozy, but the outdoor terrace tables have got it goin’ on.


Arrange an airport transfer to Serinn House. It's relatively inexpensive and such a relief to have one less worry. The owner Eren is happy to set this up, as well as anything else you might need during your stay. 

My advice? Ask Eren for recommendations. She is a wealth of information and assisted me in planning, choosing, and finding "off the beaten path" activities. 


Serinn House: Esbelli Sokak #36, Urgup, Cappadocia, Turkey


T: +90 384 341 60 76

Just look for the B L U E   D O O R...