Austin, Texas



SWEET SLEEPING @ Park Lane Guesthouse

Not everything is bigger in Texas...

Literally. Park Lane Guesthouse is, in fact, a quaintly small and eco-friendly B & B. 

Where I slumbered? That took the cake.

In a tiny house.

Built by the owner.

Out of bits and pieces of many, many other old houses.

The B & B is tucked away in a quaint little corner of South Austin, in a land where you can hear birds chirp, and chickens cluck. (We'll get to that later.) This piece of paradise is comprised of the main house, and the three wildly different solar powered cottages skirting the cutest little courtyard you ever did see.



I was greeted by the impossibly warm owner, Shakti, who shared stories of how Park Lane Guesthouse came to be twenty two years ago, while showing me around. Every nook and cranny seems to hold some sort of history, tale, and epic origin. 

Then she asked, "What time would you like your breakfast served? I'll bring it right to the porch."

...and in that shining moment, we became best friends.

I stayed in The Vicky House. Which, to my delight, was a real-life tiny house. Therefore inspiring me to affectionally call it the 'Little Vicky', of course. And it was every bit as adorable as you'd think. Small in stature, but with Texas sized charm.


The Little Vicky was born as a tiny masterpiece in 2007, thus making it a pioneer in the B & B world as the first of it's kind in Texas.


Welcome. Prepare to be delighted. Cue amazement.

Everything you could possibly need all in a tiny house. Seriously though, everything.

For a tiny house there was a surprising amount of windows. Not just any windows either. Stained glass spilled colorful warmth into little Vicky that only brightened my mood more.

Let's get lofty. 

Because that's where the bed is, of course...up in the loft. 

Guess what? TINY HOUSE, BIG BED. Not just that, but a sleeping-on-a-cloud bed. Not too shabby, huh? It was sort of like sleeping in a really rad fort when you were a kid. Except an expert carpenter constructed it, and it's not made of blankets and couch cushions.

Bed + Breakfast

PLG (Park Lane Guesthouse) really knows how to put the breakfast in B & B. I stayed up all night in anticipation of what I knew would be a glorious breakfast. Just kidding, I slept like a baby. Breakfast was delivered right on time, as promised. To say I was impressed with the spread would not suffice. 

Shakti is some sort of breakfast genius.


Morning #1: An Omelet Masterpiece created with...

free range eggs from the on-site chickens + fresh asparagus + cherry tomatoes + manchengo cheese + pesto

Not to mention the sourdough garlic bread, grapefruit from the guesthouse trees, grass fed butter, and FRESH SQUEEZED OJ. 


Morning #2: I was skeptical that the omelet could be topped... 


Drool worthy  P A N C A K E S 

Besides love, they were a scrumptious concoction of...ricotta + stone ground corn and whole wheat + fresh milk + grass fed butter + fresh eggs + cardamom + vanilla + cinnamon + ginger + organic berries for the win.


Perhaps not your typical "view." You can mingle with the chickens, each of which have their own personality. The real star of the show? A Russian chicken named Natasha, of course.

It was, obviously, thanks to the chicken gang for the freshest of fresh eggs that helped create my delicious breakfasts. They were some sort of celebrities.


That cozy courtyard I mentioned? A relaxing oasis. It had me at outdoor chandelier. It's centered around a ginormous, wise, and beauteous tree, a perfect centerpiece. And the pool, equally as inviting.


B I K E   I T.

Bikes are available for rent at Park Lane Guesthouse, and totally worth it. Explore Austin on two wheels, and burn all those taco calories as you do!

Whilst you roll, practice some Art Appreciation 101:

Baylor Street Graffiti Wall

Baylor Street Graffiti Wall

Street Art is abundant here:


F O O D   T R U C K   I T.

You're in food truck heaven. Take advantage! It's all delicious, and affordable. Only problem I see is not having enough room in the belly.

L I V E   M U S I C   I T.

Venue after venue, band after band. The live music options are plentiful and  F A N T A S T I C.

Sunday's Texas Radio Live at Guero's

Sunday's Texas Radio Live at Guero's

S H O P   I T.

There are loads of eclectic, unique, vintage, and just all around awesome shops. 

R E L A X   I T.

PLG is supremely serene and you may not want to leave. So, don't. 

Juuuust r e l a x. 

Hang by the pool. 

Chill with the house dogs.

Sip a drink on the porch of a tiny house. 

Romp with the chickens.


*Ask Shakti. She is a wealth of information and can give you suggestions for off the beaten path spots where the locals frequent. You'll get the quintessential Austin experience with her direction.

*Use the outdoor shower. Because outdoor showers are cool.

*Bring bug spray if the mosquitos love you like they love me, you'll need a spritz or two for hanging out in the gorgeous courtyard. 

*Whatever you do? Just make sure you do this:



Park Lane Guesthouse: 221 Park Lane, Austin, Texas


T: 512.447.7460

Shakti & Natasha (the chicken)

Shakti & Natasha (the chicken)